What WordsWorth offers:

Speech-Language Pathology


After many decades of research, we now have a strong understanding of reading and language learning disabilities. It is the position of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) that speech-language pathologists (SLPs) play a critical and direct role in the development of literacy for children and adolescents with communication disorders. At WordsWorth, the speech-language pathologists have obtained additional specialization, training, and experience in mitigating the impacts of literacy and language learning difficulties.


Speech-Language Pathologists provide in-depth testing for dyslexia and language learning disabilities. 

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WordsWorth offers skilled intervention services in the areas of reading, writing, receptive and expressive language, executive function and study skills to students with language-based academic difficulties and learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Please provide your information on our contact page.  

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If needed, students that undergo evaluations at WordsWorth will be supported with school advocacy and Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting attendance.

Adult Services

WordsWorth offers evaluation and therapy support to adults who continue to struggle with literacy, language or learning. With proper evaluations, appropriate instruction and accommodations, adolescents and adults can achieve their goals, and make their own unique contributions to the workforce and society.

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"If we elect not to evaluate a child and that child later proves to have dyslexia, we cannot give those lost years back to him." - Sally Shawitz, M.D. Overcoming Dyslexia




WordsWorth offers the option of a free initial 30-minute consultation with you and your child to determine if he/she would benefit from a full evaluation. This provides education to families to support informed decision making.  An hour long screening is available for younger children, ages 4-6, for a $80 fee. 


Lesley Pech has been approved as a diagnostician by the International Dyslexia Association - Rocky Mountain Branch. Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in pinpointing the cause of learning difficulties through comprehensive assessments designed to address the component skills of reading, language, and learning. Our evaluations go beyond standard reading tests to account for the role of oral and written language skills as well as underlying cognitive abilities. Evaluations typically require 5-6 hours to complete and are scheduled on weekday mornings, with Saturdays available by request. A separate appointment will provide families with results, resources and a discussion of your child's learning profile. The assessment results are used to inform an accurate diagnosis, develop focused interventions in the areas of need, and identify appropriate academic accommodations or modifications for your child.


Assessment reports will include a clear diagnostic statement, recommendations for specialized instruction when appropriate, as well as serve as documentation to be considered for eligibility for an Individualized Education Program (IEP), Section 504 plan, and extended time on college entrance exams.

Cost of Evaluation and Report:


“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey." - Anna Quindlen

Evaluation Costs

Although the expense of a Language and Literacy Evaluation by a private provider may seem high, knowing your child’s academic strengths and challenges will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Early intervention is key because the longer your student struggles without appropriate intervention, the further behind they fall. Furthermore, many older students compensate and experience significant difficulty with increased complexity in advanced elementary and middle school grades due to not being proficient readers. Reading research indicates that it is never too late to provide appropriate instruction to these older students.

In addition to literacy testing, the assessment batteries utilized by our Speech-Language Pathologists examine a broad range of language skills (i.e. vocabulary, syntax, etc.) and detect subtle language deficits that can affect comprehension and learning. We administer tests that specifically examine aspects of cognition, such as working memory and processing speed that impact learning.

WordsWorth SLP only accepts private pay for services. The cost for an evaluation is typically $850 depending on the child's needs and age. This cost includes a meeting with a detailed discussion of findings, resources, and recommendations based on your child's learning profile. WordsWorth's evaluations abide by the International Dyslexia Association's standards for testing as well as expert opinion in the field. Most insurance companies do not cover private educational evaluations, however a detailed bill is provided to enable clients to seek reimbursement from their insurer in the event that coverage is available.


"Identification of a problem is, of course, the key to getting help. The sooner a diagnosis is made, the quicker your child can get help, and the more likely you are to prevent secondary blows to her self-esteem." -Sally Shawitz, M.D. Overcoming Dyslexia



Orton Gillingham methods are a component of the highly effective evidence-based teaching model that is utilized to provide effective reading intervention. At WordsWorth, the components of effective reading instruction are provided based on a sound understanding of an individual child’s particular learning difficulty.

Therapy is based on thorough assessments and ongoing progress monitoring. Instruction relies on the elements that are proven to have the greatest impact on improving literacy and are based on research studies.  To be effective this instruction will need to be “more explicit and comprehensive, more intensive, and more supportive than that typically provided by schools.” Foorman and Torgeson (2001, p.210).

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Executive Function

Executive Functions are the skills a student needs in order to plan actions toward meeting goals, to use information flexibly, to realize the ramifications of behavior, and to make reasonable inferences based on limited information. (Banich, 2009)

We support students in developing the executive function skills they will need to be successful at creating goals, planning and sequencing their actions, integrating new information, and self-monitoring. 

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Eighty-five percent of adults with dyslexia who had accommodations in school did not self-disclose their dyslexia to their employers because they were afraid of discrimination or of losing their job (Gerber & Price, 2008)

Adult Services

Clearly difficulties in reading do not disappear with age. Government statistics show 25 million Americans, or one in ten are functionally illiterate. The primary cause is untreated dyslexia. Difficulty with reading has lifelong repercussions. Literacy is a fundamental component of participation in our society. Reading difficulties impact occupational choices, and many individuals with dyslexia experience difficulty with acquiring and keeping a job and may work at a level that is lower than their intellectual or educational ability. Promotions often raise the level of text-related work, leading to stress, embarrassment and fear.

If an adult or college age student has never received an evaluation or diagnosis of their literacy and learning abilities, this is our advised starting point. Evaluations take approximately 6-8 hours and are spread over two testing days. A full report is provided and a feedback appointment is set to discuss findings, appropriate treatment, and possible work or school-based adaptations, support and accommodations. In addition to targeted specialized reading and writing instruction, provided by an instructor who is highly trained to successfully teach individuals with dyslexia, there are many technological tools available to assist individuals with reading, spelling and note-taking. With proper evaluations, targeted instruction and accommodations, adolescents and adults can achieve their goals, and make their own unique contributions to the workforce and society.

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